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What You Need To Know

Prednisone is a man-made hormone commonly known as a “steroid.” Prednisone is essentially the same as hormonal cortisone, which the human body creates on its own...

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Prednisone Side Effects

As with any medication, side effects are possible with prednisone or steroids as well; however, not every person who take the medicine will have complications. In fact, the majority of people endure it rather effectively.

If side effects do arise, they can be treated easily by you or your medical specialist. Prednisone and steroid side effects range from mild irritations to serious, irreparable damage, and they appear more often with higher dosage amounts and prolonged medication use. Side effects include preservation of sodium (salt), weight gain, hypertension, loss of potassium, stress and muscle susceptibility. Prednisone can also trigger, ulcers in the duodenum and stomach, worsening of diabetic issues, infrequent menses, rounding of the spine ("buffalo hump"), weight problems, retardation of growth, convulsions, and psychological disturbances.

The psychological disturbances include depressive disorders, euphoria, sleeping disorders, mood swings, personality fluctuations, and even psychotic behaviors.

Skin changes are typical side-effects of prednisone and steroids. Skin thinning, an inclination to bruise quickly and extensively with minimal stress and the growth of large hematomas (bruises) are frequent. Purple striped scars on the thighs, buttocks, belly and arms may appear. Also oily skin, pimple breakouts

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How does Prednisone Work?

April 5th, 2012

Cortisone side effects

Prednisone Effects

A genetic ailment in which red blood cells are extraordinarily shaped is often called a sickle cell disease.

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Predni-Vite Will Help Side Effects

May 16th, 2012

arthritis cortisone

Treatment for Side Effects

One of the newest treatments for the effects of corticosteroids is Predni-Vite, a nutritional supplement designed to minimize the negative...

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